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Street View, Google’s extensive collection of pictures taken along roads and non-roads all over the world, is a great resource for helping kids understand other cultures. And developers keep finding great new ways to use it.

GeoGuessr Main ScreenGeoGuessr is one example.

When you start a game, you are presented with a random Street View from somewhere in the world and a map. Your task is to place a marker on the map as close to the location of the picture as possible. After five rounds you get a score based on the quality of your guesses.

The Challenge Mode requires a free account but allows you to challenge someone else to a game, and set a time limit if you want to.

The latest version of the site also offers games limited to a particular country, including the US, Canada, Japan, and Russia, as well as a few major cities like Paris and New York.

This could be a wonderful warmup exercise in world cultures, history or science, an activity that could help kids build their analytical skills.

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