Street View Resources

Google’s Street View cars, and non-car Trekker backpacks, have photographed areas all over the world. I mentioned GeoGuessr in an earlier post as an example of how developers have created web-based activities that you can use in the classroom to help students develop their analytical skills in many different subject areas. Here are a few more resources that make great use of StreetView.

GeoSettr – Using GeoSettr you can create your own GeoGusser game of five questions. All you have to do is choose five locations on a Google Map and then you then get a unique link to your game that you can share with anyone so they can play.

GR8CTZ – Like GeoGuessr, except the locations are all cities. Walk around, observe the cluses and make a guess. On the Level 1 of the game you start in an iconic spot like Times Square or Red Square. On the Level 2 you start in the random location in a city and will be teleported to a landmark after two unsuccessful tries.

Pursued – Wrapped in a spy game in which you have been kidnapped and dropped in a random city, you must escape by identifying your location. The opening animation is cute but the theme may not be appropriate for elementary kids.

World Wonders Project – Google is taking Street View far off of normal streets with their Trekker backpack, like down in the Grand Canyon, inside the Palace of Versailles, and under the water to the Great Barrier Reef. This site will take you to all of them. If you’d like to see how Google gets those off the street views, visit Treks.

Google Cultural Institute – This site presents exhibits and collections from museums around the world, allowing students to get close up views of many cultural treasures. Tools allow visitors to create their own galleries that can then be shared with others.

Where the Road Ends – This is not quite the same as the sites above. The creators of this video used StreetView to create a simulated road trip, following Google’s cars to the ends of the earth. You can experiment with the concept at the Hyperlapse experiment.

And then, just for fun, go inside Doctor Who’s Tardis or visit Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley.