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Stupidity in the Commonwealth

Virginia voted for Obama in the election last November but, unfortunately, we still have too many idiots running the show in the state capitol of Richmond.

A divided General Assembly narrowly rejected $125 million in federal stimulus money Wednesday that would have provided additional unemployment benefits to thousands of jobless Virginians.

This despite the fact that “Virginia provides some of the lowest unemployment benefits in the country”.

Among those voting against taking the money is this very compassionate conservative.

“It is not stimulus. Paying workers not to work does not promote economic growth,“ Byron said.

I’m sure Ms. Byron is convinced that the 7.5% of the people in her district who are unemployed lost their jobs expressly for the purpose of being paid not to work.

Can we take Northern Virginia and start our own state?


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  1. Neil

    Didn’t Va do that just before the Civil War ;)

    Stories like this always remind me just how fractured our country really is.

  2. Michelle

    If NOVA became its own state, what would happen to ROVA (rest of VA)? They would no longer get the support of the NOVA revenue…frustrating topic.

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