I’ve ranted more than a few times in this space about efforts to force schools to include the faux science of "Intelligent Design" in their curriculums, content in the knowledge that it couldn’t happen here. Or could it? So far there haven’t been any signs that our board will be taking the idiot’s route but another school system in the DC area is considering ID and a whole boat load of other ways of replacing education with religious indoctrination.

The school board of Charles County, Maryland, which is a fast growing suburb of the Washington, DC area, has a virtual smorgasbord of ideas for turning their schools into something right out of the Jerry Fallwell world view.

So when the Board of Education recently compiled a list of goals and suggestions for improving the school system, Young [vice chair of the Board] said she supported the recommendation that calls for "removing anything [from reading lists] that provides a neutral or positive view of immorality or foul language."

But this proposal, and others that recommend distributing Bibles in schools, removing science books "biased towards evolution" and teaching sexual education classes focused exclusively on abstinence, has upset those who fear some board members are attempting to impose personal religious and moral beliefs on the public schools.

Other members quickly backtracked saying that this was just a part of a list of goals and suggestions that came from a "brainstorming" exercise. Doesn’t that kind of an activity actually require brains?

But getting back to the issue of teaching creationism, which is what you’ll find behind the fancy curtain of ID,

Crawford is part of the majority on the board that supports introducing the theory of creationism into the science curriculum. They argue that students need exposure to all theories about the origin of life so they can make educated decisions. "I believe that if we are teaching evolution, we should have a section on creationism as well, and any other theory," board Chairman Kathy Levanduski said. "Let’s motivate our kids to be creative thinkers."

Creative thinking? That’s exactly what’s behind this effort to bastardize the science curriculum using a concept with no scientific evidence or support from the science community.