The Pew Internet & American Life Project always seems to come up with interesting studies, although I have no idea how accurate they might be.

In their latest, they look at technology and media use by adults in the US, and researchers broke Americans up in to three broad categories of tech users.

Elite Tech users make up about 31% of the sample group. 20% fall into the middle-of-the-road and 49% are classified as having few tech assets.

I guess I would fall into the 8% of elite users that they classify as “omnivores”.

They have the most information gadgets and services, which they use voraciously to participate in cyberspace and express themselves online and do a range of Web 2.0 activities such as blogging or managing their own Web pages.

Although I don’t really have all that many gadgets. I’m not even that fond of my cell phone.

A couple of other interesting bits of data from the survey says that only 7% of all respondents have ever downloaded a podcast and a mere 1% had done so the day before.

There was no statement in the study about how many people are reading blogs but the researchers did find that 11% are posting materials to webpages or blogs.

I guess the write part of the read/write web still has lots of room to expand.

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