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Building For The Future


From the time it was evident that the COVID-19 virus was going to have a major impact on American life, many people began speculating on the underlying reasons why the crisis happened in the first place. Plus more than the usual conspiracy nuts, of course.

One of the more high-profile, and critiqued, opinions of the past month came from Mark Andreessen, co-creator of the Mosaic browser, which kickstarted popular use of the web, and co-founder of Netscape, which kickstarted the stupidity of irrational technology investing.

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Photo Post – US Institute of Peace

The United States Institute of Peace is one of the many organizations in the city I had heard of but never knew much about. I had certainly seen their headquarters that opened in 2011 since the building is strikingly different from the many imposing, pseudo Greek and Roman-style government structures that dominate the federal section of DC.

Anyway, recently I had the opportunity to take a photowalk through and around the building. On this page are a few of the images I made and more are in this gallery.

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