User Defined Packages

The iTunes store is now selling something called Digital 45’s.

Now for you youngsters who have no clue about that reference, back before you were born, music companies sold something called a single record which had two songs on it, one on each side.

As best my fading memory can recall, they sold for around 79 cents and usually only one side was worth listening to, although once in a while, the “B” side was as good or better than the “A” side.

Anyway, beyond nostalgia value for the over 40 set, the idea of resuscitating the concept seems a little silly since virtually the whole digital music store is nothing but singles.

Unlike the all-or-nothing package days of vinyl records, people now get to decide for themselves which songs will be packaged together.

Actually, for an increasing number of other consumer products, it’s very much a customized world, one in which each person gets to decide the contents of packages they buy.

Now all we have to do is figure out how to apply that to the education system.