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Back From Havana

It has been very quiet around here recently but I do have a good reason for the lack of posts. We just returned from a visit to Cuba where I had very little access to the internet and not a lot of time to blog if I did.

The trip was an incredible learning experience,  traveling with some wonderful people, and I’ll have more to say after a little reflection. Not to mention time to process all the pictures, since this was a photographic expedition.

For now I just need to make it home after a very early start this morning. Very early. 

Twitter Droppings

Being a small collection of links from my Twitter posts this past week that deserve a few more than 140 characters.

For many years we’ve been told that we need to differentiate our instruction. But, according to one writer, it doesn’t work. More specifically, “Differentiation is a failure, a farce, and the ultimate educational joke played on countless educators and students.” I wouldn’t go that far but I’m concerned the concept is being used to push “personalized” or “individualized” instruction which, as I wrote in an earlier post, is often about automating the learning process. That could be the ultimate joke.

One writer seems to believe there’s Too Much Damn TV: “1,715 TV series aired in 2014, of which 352 were scripted.” Yes, that is insane. It also makes me wonder how producers found 1363 subjects in the “real” world that were interesting enough to record.

Last week saw the first serious talks with Cuba in nearly 40 years. It’s great progress but also represents just how pig-headed US leadership can be. This “normalization” is long overdue and hopefully will lead to rethinking some of our other stupid foreign policy.

And finally, a milestone for anyone who has flown on US carriers in the past thirty years, Sky Mall is filing for bankruptcy. The cause is supposed to be “internet access and more gadgets on planes” but I’d like to think that people just got a little smarter about spending their money on that catalog’s crapgadgets. Or maybe not.

Getting Attached to the World

My skills as a “futurist” are pretty poor but I’m pretty confident with this one.

Cuba lifting the ban on personal ownership of computers this week will have a much bigger influence on changing that country’s government than the idiotic embargo supported by generations of American politicians.

The cost of getting one is still beyond the income of most people and internet access is still severely restricted, so it won’t happen immediately.

But this is a big first step.

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