Listen To This

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Do you ever pay close attention to the sounds that are around you? Telling the “stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds” is the theme of a new-to-me podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz. I’ve only listened to a few episodes so far, but if this topic sounds interesting (pun intended), I recommend starting with these two segments.

First is Muzak, which anyone of a particular age (re: older) will recognize as the company that became synonymous with the concept “elevator music”. Today, music and other sounds are carefully and scientifically designed to help stores, restaurants, and other businesses improve productivity and profits.

The other is Disney Parks in which sound designers (Imagineers) for the entertainment company explain how they program music and other sounds to enhance the amusement park experience. Even in It’s a Small World, which all sounds the same to me.

Both segments, which run about 20 minutes each, might be good programs to play for middle or high school students studying science, social studies (this work involves a lot of psychology), or music.

The image is from Pixabay and is used under a Creative Commons license.

Now Playing Right Around the Corner

This is the current message board in front of a school I pass nearly every day, providing another example of how schools (and their associated organizations) flirt with violations of copyright law.

movesign Of course I’m assuming this particular showing will use someone’s personal copy of the DVD and will be shown using a projector and speakers provided by the school.

This despite the fact that the itty bitty print on the packaging specifically prohibits the “public exhibition” of the movie (which, incidentally, includes those recreational showings that occur in some classrooms right around the winter holidays).

However, I suppose I could be mistaken and the PTA has paid for a public performance license to show the movie, in which case I certainly owe them an apology for this overly preachy post.

And, if that’s not the case, I’m also assuming no lawyers from Disney have driven down the road past this notice.