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Celebrating a Decade of Learning

Although I find it difficult to comprehend, it has been ten years since I began blogging in this space. I’m not entirely sure of the start date (sometime just after the end of winter break 2003) since my first entries disappeared a few months after being posted. The web is probably better for the loss.

In the beginning my purpose was more about understanding this then-new communications concept and I was building the pages one at a time, largely because I didn’t know anything else. I understood HTML so it should be easy to make this work, right?

Well, not really. But I got some great advice from a few other educators who were already writing in public and soon moved to the Movable Type system. A year later I discovered something even better – WordPress – switched again (fortunately it came with a great MT import tool), and have grown with that platform ever since.

However, in the process of learning the technology I also developed some writing skills, something I rarely had to do much of after college. I certainly won’t claim to be a great writer but looking back through almost a decade of archives, I surprised myself. Some of this stuff is actually pretty good.

The process has also opened the opportunity to meet a whole lot of smart, interesting people, something I consider to be of even greater value.

Anyway, thanks for reading this rambling mess, both this post and the rest. I promise to make more sense next time.

And One More Thing

Right about now this rantfest has begun it’s seventh year of existence.


Since I had no clue what I was doing in those early days, my first couple of months of posts have been lost (although that’s not really much of a loss :-), so I can’t nail it down to an exact anniversary date.

But I do know it was sometime during winter break, just after the start of the new year 2003.

I know that, in the larger history of the internet, this is really nothing of any importance.

However, since I’m running things in this little corner of the web, I get to make note of the occasion, right?

Thanks for indulging my annual ego post.

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