I wish I had a better understanding of all the plumbing behind the walls of this site.

In the almost four years I’ve been using WordPress, I’ve certainly learned a lot about how to modify the pieces and largely make the system do what I want.

Then, just when I think I have a good grasp of things, odd problems like the one that happened some time in the past twenty-four hours pop up and I have no idea why.

Out of the blue I was getting strange error messages and lost functionality on the main page, and especially in the Dashboard sections you can’t see.

With a little trial and error it didn’t take long to track the trouble down to a plug-in that’s supposed to reformat the administrative pages for use on an iPhone.

Throwing it out fixed everything, but why did it go wrong in the first place, especially after working correctly for a couple of months?

I have some time over the next few days, so maybe this is just the interwebs way of telling me it’s time to upgrade to WP 2.5 and clean out some of the crap on the server.

With any luck that won’t lead to even more mysterious error messages.

Oh, yea, and I guess I’d better get my taxes done this weekend as well. But playing with WordPress is more fun!