Photo Post – Photowalking

On the first Saturday of October, photowalks are held all over the world under the umbrella of KelbyOne, a photo training organization. This year I was the co-leader for a walk from the Rosslyn area of Arlington across the Key Bridge and across the Georgetown waterfront.

It was a fun morning and below are a few of my favorite shots from the walk. More are in this gallery and for another perspective, check out the set from my co-leader Kathy. Her image are probably better.

Georgetown Waterfront

The Georgetown waterfront, looking across the Potomac River from the Rosslyn side of the Key Bridge.

Crew 2

Most Saturday mornings in good weather (and sometimes bad), you can watch college and high school crew teams practicing on the Potomac between the Kennedy Center and the Key Bridge.


Looking down at the strangely green water in the C&O Canal in Georgetown. The color and the chair caught my eye.


Detail of a sculpture called Scarlet on the Georgetown waterfront. Looks like a collection of stuff that washed up from the River to me.

Picture Post #4

Some images from my walks through a couple of neighborhoods in DC in November. More recent shots are at the top of my Flickr feed. For many additional photos of DC, check the washingtondc tag.

Copper Reflection

A copper bowl, used as part of a store window holiday display, reflects parts of Georgetown in the morning sun, and a little of the photographer.

Capitol Repair

View of the US Capitol building (behind the scaffold hiding an extensive renovation) on a gray fall morning. If you’re in DC, visit the Newseum and head for the sixth floor balcony for great vistas of the monuments along Pennsylvania Avenue.

Pot Dealer

Pretty sure the window of this Georgetown store refers to their kitchenware.


Not all windows in Georgetown feature expensive objects for sale.