I wish our administrators could hear and understand the message that Scott dropped on participants at a recent TEDx conference in India.

His frank remarks were in response to some of the educators attending who expressed great confidence in how far advanced their schools are when it comes to the integration of technology.

I’m not sure you appreciate how far along are most of the schools here today. We’re far from average in terms of our implementation of technology.

The conclusion to Scott’s three minute talk sounds suspiciously he could be speaking about our overly-large school district.

So some of you are sitting there in the audience feeling pretty good about yourselves. And you should. You’re blessed with wonderful financial resources, fantastic facilities, and amazing faculty. But for those of you who think I don’t appreciate how far along you are, all I can say is that I’m not sure you appreciate how far you still have to go. (his emphasis)

Read his whole post. It may remind you of wherever you’re teaching.