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The Dark Side

While searching on a topic totally unrelated to testing, or even education, I ran across this image that is just too good not to share. Ain’t web serendipity great?

Why am I imagining the CEO of Pearson under that helmet? :-)

Redesigning Teach

Studio 360 is a fun, interesting public radio program produced at WNYC in New York and focusing on the arts and popular culture.

Occasionally they hire graphic design firms to re-imagine the imagery for a part of that culture. This time around they decided to redesign teaching, or at least the graphic representation of teaching, and the results are bright, interesting, modern and, at least for me, extremely compelling.

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Although you can quibble with the use of school-bus yellow (and some did in the program’s comment section), this work is still many steps up from any illustration using the nth variation on an Apple. Take a look at all the results and, especially if you’re interested in the creative process of design, listen to the discussion with the designers.

I couldn’t find any indication that they are releasing this work under a Creative Commons license but I certainly hope so.

Scrubbing Your Digital Image

We tell students to be careful about what they put online since the web is very persistent. Those posts may come back to haunt you when you’re looking for work later in life.

A recent survey by ExecuNet, a networking organization for business leaders, found that 83 percent of executives and corporate recruiters research job candidates online, and 43 percent have eliminated a candidate based on search results.

However, it seems that there are entrepreneurs who can repair all those MySpace indiscretions of youth and “clean the skeletons out of your digital closet”.

For a price, of course.

To dig yourself out, you may have to get a pro to create new Web pages that accentuate your positives. Figure that it will cost at least $1,000 to bump all the negative hits off your first three search-results pages. But prices vary according to the number of hits and how difficult they are to move, so shop aggressively.

I wonder just how many positive web pages I’d have to pay for to counteract the ranting I’ve done around here.

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