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In Search of a Reason to Celebrate

This is Independence Day here in the US. Most just call it the Fourth of July, like we own that particular spot on the calendar.

Regardless of how we might want to co-opt exclusive use of the date, I’m pretty sure the rest of the world is largely ignoring us today and going about their usual business.

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The Myth of History

Ask most people in this country to free associate with “Fourth of July” and they’ll probably respond with stuff like fireworks, bar-b-que, parades, and overly-militaristic displays.

Because, as expressed by the great philosopher David Letterman, Independence Day “is the time of year when Americans indulge in their two favorite pastimes: drinkin’ and blowin’ stuff up.”

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ID Traditions

Today is Independence Day here in the US and in the DC area just about anyone who can afford it has left town to the tourists.

With the high cost of gas and airline tickets, the number of people either able to leave or some to town is probably greatly reduced this year.

Of course, the politicians still have the cash to plant themselves in front of some kind of all-American backdrop and declare themselves to far more patriotic that their opponent.

Around our house, we will be celebrating the 4th in the traditional manner.

Later this afternoon I will fight the traffic and drive into the District in order to drop the musical wife off as close to the Capitol as the cops will let me.

She will then stand out in the heat and humidity (and likely rain this year) singing in the backup group for the PBS pops show A Capitol Fourth taking place on the mall tonight.

If you have nothing to do, watch the broadcast for a petite brunette soprano, probably drenched but still smiling through the cheeziest variety show this side of the 1970’s.

As for me, I’ll see the show later on the DVR.

Happy Independence Day everyone! Despite the best efforts by some of our “leaders”, we still have much to celebrate in this country.

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