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It’s that time of year again. The last week in June is traditionally when ISTE holds their huge edtech conference, the 2023 edition of which wrapped up just a few days ago.

For most of this century I would be in the middle of the event, especially in a year like this one when everything was happening in Philadelphia. After all, that city is only a three-hour drive up I-95. Less than half that on the train.

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Questions On This Combo

What should we forget?

A few more random thoughts on the merger of ISTE and ASCD. Actually, more questions than actual thoughts.

The plan to combine the two professional organizations was announced in September and consummated a couple of weeks ago following votes by both boards and the membership of ASCD. I guess ISTE’s bylaws didn’t require getting permission from our side.

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Does This Union Make Sense?


At the end of September, members of ISTE received an email from the president of their Board of Directors, announcing that the board had voted to merge with another educational organization, ASCD.1 I assume the ASCD mail list received a similar message.

It seems like a rather odd combination, for reasons I still can’t quite pin down.

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Is This Meeting Necessary?

What did we learn?

At the end of next month, ISTE will hold its first live conference in three years.

In late June of normal times, the organization could expect to pack at least 15,000 people into a big-city convention center for the largest edtech conference and expo (with more and more emphasis on “expo”) in the US.1

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