One of great things about vacations is that you get to read non work-related stuff, or at least read it with less guilt.

For this trip, one book in the definitely non work-related category is Lewis Black’s Me of Little Faith.

And not long after writing the earlier post about my experience with our crappy air transportation system, I arrived at Black’s chapter on the same topic.

As I was writing this book, I found myself at the Newark airport getting ready to fly from New York to Chapel Hill. It was the beginning of June and newspapers were already screaming that it was going to be the worst summer to travel in recorded history. This followed the previous summer, which was then the worst summer on record to travel. If you know something is going to go wrong and you know why something is going to go wrong and you’ve already suffered the pain and trauma of it going wrong, wouldn’t you make a profoundly concerted effort to avoid it happening again?

The rest of the essay is very funny as he relates the details of his trip and expands on the general topic of what’s wrong with the system.

I’d add a few more quotes here but Black freely uses language that is inappropriate for a PG rated blog, although incredibly appropriate for this particular topic.

Incidentally, if you are a Lewis Black fan, this is an excellent book in which he offers some very pointed (not to mention hilarious) observations on religion in society. You can almost hear him ranting in his uniquely neurotic style.

If you’re not a Black fan, you’re missing one of the best commentators on modern life working today.