Photo Post – Spring Has Sprung

It’s been a while since I posted any of my photographs around here. Since I recently bought a new camera1 and the weather has warmed up, I’ve been out doing more shooting.

Here are a few samples. If you’re interested in more, take a look at my Flickr feed.

Great Falls

My first time visiting Great Falls park, overlooking the rapids of the Potomac River northwest of DC. This view is from the Virginia side.

City Car

A “city” car from Toyota at the annual auto show. One of the few interesting things to see among all the huge truck-like vehicles that occupied most of the floor space.


I spent some time playing with shutter speed using the fountain at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian.

Bocce Balls

Some bocce balls in a park near the DC wharf area.

1. More about the camera purchase, and the research behind it, in a later post.

Photo Post – Spring Edition

With spring trying hard to establish itself in the DC area, it’s a good time to be out photographing nature. So, here are a few shots from two visits1 to our Northern Virginia gem, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens2.

More from my gallery is here and Kathy’s much better photos are here.

PurpleJust loved the vibrant purple in these flowers.

Turtles and ReflectionTurtles taking advantage of the bright sunshine.

DaffodilThe park features daffodils (and daffodil-like flowers) in a variety of beautiful colors.


Cypress KneesThanks to a well placed marker, I finally learned that these growths are called cypress knees and are part of the tree’s root system.

1. Trip one, at the start of April, was cut short by a thunderstorm.

2. Right around the corner from Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, another great location for a photowalk.

Very Grand

I’ve visited the Grand Canyon several times in my life so that initial “wow factor” of looking across the expanse to the North Rim or peering down at the stark cliffs is gone.

North Rim

However, views like this, from a cool Spring morning two weeks ago when I visited with my sister and her kids, never fail to thrill and bring a sense of wonder.

Face it Michael Bay… nature is always more amazing than special effects. :-)