Over the past couple of years I’ve been playing with making 360° immersive images (what Google calls photo spheres and similar to their Street View) at interesting locations, and also trying to craft an easy workflow I can teach to others. It’s all still a work in progress but I thought I’d share a few of them in these semi-regular photo posts.

These were taken using the Google Street View app and directions for doing that are here. More to come, both images and tutorials.

Independence Square in Philadelphia. You’ll see a few broken lines but overall not a bad image.


Smithsonian Museum of American History. On a beautiful winter morning. As with all photography, light matters. Good light makes for good photo spheres.


On the Great Wall of China. The first photo sphere I ever published on Google Maps (after many deleted attempts). Although it includes several partial bodies (why can’t those tourists just stand still while I work? :-), the scenery is still magnificent.