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Restricted Voting

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An opinion writer in the Wall Street Journal says that lowering the voting age to 18 during the Vietnam War era was a mistake. It should go back to 21.

His logic, if you can use that term for this essay, begins with his assessment that “adolescents today are dramatically unprepared to vote”. Considering the results of the last presidential election, many much older folks are also “dramatically unprepared” (or don’t vote at all).

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Building For The Future


From the time it was evident that the COVID-19 virus was going to have a major impact on American life, many people began speculating on the underlying reasons why the crisis happened in the first place. Plus more than the usual conspiracy nuts, of course.

One of the more high-profile, and critiqued, opinions of the past month came from Mark Andreessen, co-creator of the Mosaic browser, which kickstarted popular use of the web, and co-founder of Netscape, which kickstarted the stupidity of irrational technology investing.

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Game Over?

National Pinball Museum - Game Over

Government is not a game. But for as long as I can remember, the news media has framed it that way. As result, we’ve elected far too many game-playing politicians.

Good government requires many smart people committed to building a better society. But this administration dismissed as many who fit that description as they could find, replacing them with unqualified hacks working only for themselves. Continue reading

Preventing The Next Panic

Sars cov 19

This post is far off from the usual ranting in this space, on a topic for which I have little expertise. So, it is probably more incoherent than usual. You have been warned.

In watching all the news about the Corona virus, it strikes me that there is much wrong with the health care system in US. Things that have much less to do with the cost than about how we spend the money in the first place.

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Authoritarian Blinders

Vinyl Lounge

If you follow one corner of the media world, we’re all gonna die.

Over on other channels, all is good and any panic is just another conspiracy.

The truth about the world-wide outbreak of coronavirus, of course, lies somewhere in the middle.

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