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Picture Post #2

Last weekend I visited Roanoke for a couple of days on VSTE (Virginia Society for Technology in Education) business. And it rained almost the whole time. But I still got a few nice shots.

Hotel Roanoke

This view of the Hotel Roanoke reminds me of some of the half timbered buildings we saw in Chester, England. Inside and out it’s very much a throwback building.

Barber Shop

The kind of window sign you might have seen on the streets of Mayberry.


A wooden statue standing in front of a restaurant.

Rain Drops

As I said, it rained a lot.

Hotel Partitions

Glass barriers that used to form booths for pay phones. As I said, it’s a very traditional hotel.

Picture Post #1

As mentioned in an earlier post, I’m trying to carve out more time to devote to photography. Here is my first post featuring a few shots from the previous week or so.

I had planned to post these sooner but got lost in trying to learn a software alternative to Aperture, the photo management program Apple has decided to abandon in favor of their new Photos application. However, Photos has a long way to go before it’s an appropriate replacement and another possibility called Emulsion also needs a lot of work. More to come on this topic.

Getting Snacks

The National Zoo’s male panda Tian Tian (I think; Karen could certainly tell me) batting around his snack dispenser looking for more food.

Color TV

A real modern-age antique. We had one of these when I was a kid but I’m pretty sure my dad paid more than $150 for it.

More pictures below the jump.

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