Jumping Back in the Stream

I'm writing this from somewhere over the Atlantic as we return from a week or so on the Amalfi Coast of Italy.1 Mostly pleasure for me, partially work for the musical wife.

More about that later, after I've recovered from the jet lag and eight hectic days, along with a few pictures. Or maybe a whole lot of pictures, depending on what's on the memory cards.

Between the trip and a somewhat chaotic month of July prior to getting out of town, this space has been rather silent for quite a while. It's not often I go this long without ranting about something in public, here or on Twitter, not to mention that I've also been ignoring the stream of information and ideas that comes from my learning network.2

But one fact of traveling with a group as we've been doing, is that it often takes a little longer to get forty people heading in the right direction, not to mention arriving at a destination3. But the process does allow for time to catch up on both reading (thanks in large part to Instapaper) and thinking.

So consider this a toe in the water as I prepare dive head first into the stream that is my normal life. Fair warning however. I may not be totally coherent tomorrow, at work or anywhere else.

1 It will be posed after we get home since United doesn't offer wifi, free or otherwise.

2 While I was gone, did Mitt Romney really dis the entire British Government during his visit to the UK? And I tried so very hard not to be the ugly American on our trip. :-)

3 Especially considering the narrow twisty roads we've been traveling on in a 48 passenger bus.


I’m Back

After a week spent in middle America visiting with family, I’ve returned to real life.

Or maybe that was real and this is nothing more than a Matrix-style illusion.

Whatever the case, regular ranting in this space will resume very soon, and a few changes are coming to begin the new calendar year.

You have been warned.

This Will Just Take a Minute

For those of you who only read my rants through your RSS aggregator (and don’t think I don’t appreciate it!), I just thought I’d mention that I’ve been making changes to the actual site.

With the release of WordPress 3 earlier this year, it was about time to find a new theme that takes advantage of the great new features in the latest version of that CMS.

Anyway, I’ll be playing with the knobs and switches to tweak things over the next few days but if you have an extra minute to actually visit the site, let me know what you think.

And if you have additional time to spare, also drop by my AssortedStuff for EdTech site where I stash most of the support materials I use for training and conference sessions.

Thanks for the minute.