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Photo Post – Museum Tourist

The newest Smithsonian museum, the National Museum of African American History and Culture, has been open for more than three years but this week was my first visit. Until recently, visitors on most days needed advanced passes due to the crowds. Which made my habit of just dropping in harder.

Anyway, here are a few of my photos from a very short, less than two hour visit. Click each to see the larger version. More images are in this gallery and I’ll be adding more when I return soon to explore this impressive space and collection in more depth. Continue reading

A Little Museum Learning

Fossil hall

The week of Thanksgiving I took advantage of the tourist lull to visit the new Fossil Hall at the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History. More frequently called the Dinosaur Hall, the space reopened last June following more than three years of construction and was pretty crowded for the first few months after the grand reveal.

The new exhibition (that’s the main hall at the top) is certainly brighter and more open than the previous version. The layout is better. Information for each display is well written and interesting. As you would expect from the Smithsonian, the hall features some very impressive artifacts.

Continue reading

Photo Post

Kathy and I had the opportunity to tour the greenhouses where the Smithsonian cultivates the flowers and plants used for exhibits and general decoration in all their museums. It was a wonderful way to spend a cold, windy afternoon. Below are a few of my shots. More of mine are in this gallery and Kathy’s much better work is on her site.


I was working with a macro lens for the first time and very happy with the way these apricots turned out.

Orchid 2

I don’t know what this plant is called (it was in the orchid house) but I just loved the otherworldliness of it. For some reason it reminds me of a character in the film Beetlejuice.


I see an eye formed by the water puddled in the center of this plant.

Rubber Gloves

Always looking for the odd image, although I have to give credit to Kathy for spotting this one.

Picture Post #18

A random assortment of my photographs from the past month or so. If you are interested, check out more in my Flickr feed.

Moldy Bench 2

A mouldy bench at the US National Arboretum. There were many of these around the grounds so I guess they are supposed to be part of the experience.


Working on the streets of old town Fredericksburg. It was a nice day for it.


These 3D printed balls also had a smaller solid ball printed inside them. They were gifts from the people at the Smithsonian exhibits shop for those of us taking the tour.


A calamondin tree in the herb garden at the US National Arboretum. The fruit is related to the kumquat, has a sour taste, and is far more popular in the Far East than in this country.

Picture Post #12

A few shots from the past couple of weeks. Always more in my Flickr stream.

Craft Festival

The annual Smithsonian Craft Festival, set in the grand hall at the National Building Museum. Next time you are in DC, at least walk through this magnificant space.


Husbands in waiting at the Craft Festival. Been there, done that.


The floor of the Big Flea Market as reflected in one of the mirrors for sale at the event.

Colorful Swirl

Love the swirl pattern in this antique bowl for sale at the Big Flea.

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