Crap Detectors

There are many, MANY pages that could disappear from the web tomorrow without lowering the overall usefulness of the network.

And then there are those absolutely essential, can’t-continue-without resources: like, which is profiled in this morning’s Post and, surprisingly, turns out to be a two-person operation.

Snopes receives 6.3 million site visits a month, according to media measurement company Quantcast, and about 600 e-mailed research requests a day from desperate voters who don’t know What. To. Believe.

“Usually it’s around 400,” says Barbara, 49. “But, election season.” She sighs.

“A lot of people don’t realize,” David, 48, says wearily, “that our site is just two people.”

Working out of their living room.

I only wish more people would check the site before forwarding spam emails for me to verify. :-)