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It’s a Texas Thing

A few weeks ago, our superintendent offered some remarks at the opening of a local conference, including a story about her conversation with some 6th graders. She asked about their favorite parts of school, expecting to hear things like lunch, recess or football.1

Football? 6th grade? Really?

It struck me as a very Texas thing to say.

Not surprising, I suppose, since she came to us a little over a year ago after spending her entire educational career in that state. And, between friends who teach in Texas and the memorable book Friday Night Lights,2 I know they start organized sports very early in their schools, evidentially including 6th grade.

However, around here resource wastes like large football programs are still limited to high schools. I hope changing that is not on her long, still largely private, list of revisions she wants to bring to our overly-large school district.

Fantasy Economy

I don’t follow any sport very closely and I’m certainly not into fantasy sports leagues the way some of my friends are, although as a hobby, I can think of worse ways to spend your time.

However, an episode of Planet Money from last week, The Real Economy of Fantasy Sports, is an intriguing look at this $1.7 billion (with a B!) part of the American economy. And Alex is right that the Manning brothers (they’re quarterbacks, right? :-) rapping is pretty bad.

The segment is just one more reason to subscribe to this podcast. In around 20 minutes, twice a week, they do a far better job of explaining finance and economics than any other media organization, especially the cable channels dedicated to the topic.

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