According to Symantec, the numbers of viruses, worms, and trojans (oh my!) attacking computers in 2007 reached a new high.

The latest edition of the Symantec report covers the second half of 2007 during which time the security firm detected 499,811 new malicious code threats. This figure was up 136% on the first six months of 2007.

Throughout 2007 Symantec detected more than 711,912 novel threats which brings the total number of malicious programs that the security firm’s anti-virus programs detect to 1,122,311.

The report notes: “almost two thirds of all malicious code threats currently detected were created during 2007.”

Of course, Symantec has more than a passing interest in letting you know about these threats. They are also trying to provide some security for their shareholders as well.

However, news such as this is of little interest to those of us who are trying hard to live a digital life free of products from the Big Monopoly.