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Tech Support Simplified

Tech support is not my job.

But, of course, it is. My title and job description has the word “technology” right there. Just ignore all that “instructional” stuff.

On those days when I spend too much time mired in the processes related to helping people make their machines work, the customer service approach taken by Roy and Moss in the UK series The IT Crowd comes to mind. One that is nicely summarized in these two minutes.

Go find the whole series and laugh your arse off.

Cheap Tech Support (aka Let Someone Else Do It)

From a “special report” in the current eSchoolNews, I learned something interesting about the overly-large school district for which I work.

When it comes to supporting computers in an organization, “industry best practices suggest a computer-to support-staff ratio of no more than 100 to one”.

We, on the other hand, are doing it with “just 130 support specialists”.

According to the spokesguy from our IT department quoted in the article “We’re going on the cheap, and we actually do a pretty good job.”.

Of course, he’s completely ignoring the hundreds and hundreds of people in the system who DON’T work for IT but still provide tech support, even though for most, it’s nowhere close to their job description.

Going on the cheap, indeed!

It’s pretty easy to make that happen when you have someone else doing a big chunk of the work for you!

Ok, I’m going to bed now so I can get up bright and early to search for another place to work. :-)

[BTW, I’d link to this article but eSchoolNews has this “special report” (AKA excuse to sell more ad pages) locked behind a subscription firewall.]

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