Another must-watch video from the TED conference, in which Seth Godin explains why everyone should be out leading a tribe of some kind, a talk based on his excellent book, Tribes.

During the presentation he asks three questions of the viewer as part of his challenge to make change.

The first one is: who exactly, are you upsetting? ‘Cause if you not upsetting someone then you’re not changing the status quo.

The second question is: who are you connecting? Because for a lot of people, that’s what they’re in it for, the connections that are being made, one to the other.

The third one is: who are you leading? Because focusing on that part of it, not the mechanics of what you’re building, but the who and the leading part is where change comes.

Since the American education system is the very definition of status quo, we really need to do more with that first question and work harder to upset more people.

Ok, let’s see who I haven’t bothered in a while. :-)