A random assortment of my photographs from the past couple of weeks. More, of course, in Flickr.


Umbrellas used to decorate the ceiling of the walkway to a parking garage in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. Nice idea.



I don’t do still life work very often, but I should since it helps me to better learn my camera. I like this particular shot from a session with Kathy in her studio.



From EduCon last January, Chris Lehmann, founder of both the conference and Science Leadership Academy and all-round nice person, in one of his more relaxed moments that weekend.



Some birds taking a rest on Roosevelt Island in the Potomac River between DC and Virginia. Considering how long we’ve live here, I can’t believe it was my first time visiting the island.



Just a random shot from a local crafts store. My wife is into this little corner of maker so I find myself in these places a lot.