Road Trip

Early tomorrow morning we’ll be driving to Ohio to spend a few days with family – and visit an outlet mall or two (don’t ask!).

It will be the first time in a while that I’ve visited this mystical maker-of-presidents swing state, not since the Christmas Day four years ago that we spent in the Cincinnati airport waiting for Delta to reboot it’s computer system.

Which doesn’t really count anyway since the Cincinnati airport is in northern Kentucky.

Anyway, don’t look for much around here for the next week or so since I’ll be spending my time doing very little beyond reconnecting with relatives, taking pictures, and playing with the nephews’ Lego sets.

Very likely, however, twittering will continue since the iPhone makes that way too easy and addictive.

So, whatever you celebrate this time of year, take some time to slow down and ignore all that noise from the larger world for a while.

Time for a Change of Scenery

Tomorrow we’re getting out of here for a little while on our every-few-years excursion to visit family and friends in Arizona.

In addition to catching up on analog relationships, my primary goals for this trip are to relax, do a little sightseeing, take some pictures, make a dent in my pile of reading materials. Did I mention relax?

And since all the usual digital tools will be going along, plus having plenty of time while waiting for everyone to figure out what to do next, expect more than a few rants in this space and especially on Twitter.

One very nice difference for this vacation is that we’re flying first class, thanks to an abundance of frequent flyer points that needed to be cleaned out of the Delta account before their next chapter 11 and/or merger.

So, we’re off to McCain country for a highly anticipated change of scenery.

Do you think John will invite us over for barbeque when we cruise through Sedona? :-)