Interesting post from a designer who has worked at some pretty high profile companies (currently at BuzzFeed), who observes that there’s no such thing as the perfect company.

What I finally realized (and what has helped me change my approach) is that every company, no matter the size or type or work or team, has issues. And, much of the time, those issues aren’t even unique to the company, just slightly different flavors.

And offers this advice.

Whatever you do, do not join a company that values something you don’t believe in. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can change it, or that you can adjust to it. It’s going to suck.

For educators, substitute “school” or “district” for “company” in both quotes. His observations certainly apply to all the educational organizations I’ve ever been associated with.

Teachers, principals, education specialists – whatever your title – need to find the right fit for what they do, a school that matches their values and philosophy, just as much as designers and others working in the “real” world.

And remember, the larger the bureaucracy, the harder it is to change. Or adjust to.