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Photo Post – At The Zoo

Many years ago, Simon and Garfunkel sang “It’s all happening at the zoo”.1 Maybe not, but the Smithsonian National Zoo is a wonderful place to hang out on a beautiful spring morning.2

Here are some photos I made during a recent visit, an opportunity to work with a new long lens. If you’re interested in more, the gallery with all my zoo pictures is here.

The jaguars don’t normally hang around the front of their enclosure so a long lens is needed to get good photos of them.

It’s also fun to make pictures of the humans at the zoo. Love to know what this little boy was thinking about me making his photo while his mother was looking at the shots she just took.

Always gotta look down (and up) as well as at the animals to find interesting shots.

During my visits, it’s rare to find the pandas outside, in full view, and without a crowd. This was one of them.

1. It’s called “At The Zoo”. Good song. Find it on your favorite streaming service.

2. At least until the tour busses arrive. :)

Picture Post #16

It has been a while since I posted one of these collections, although the entries about our Cuba trip last November includes some nice photos.

Anyway, here are a few random shots from the past few weeks, with more, as always, in my Flickr feed.

Something Ugly

My friend Kathy and I have made a commitment to go out and practice our photo skills more often this year. This was from a morning we spent at Glen Echo Park, a legendary amusement park in the DC area that closed in 1968 and now operated as a cultural center.


Getting artsy, this is the reflection of trees and the sky in one of the windows of the Glen Echo carousel, which still operates but not during the winter. The windows are from an earlier time and have a lot of imperfections that cause the swirl.

 Metal Typer

One more shot from Glen Echo, this is a classic arcade machine on display in one of the buildings that would stamp letters into the coins you deposit. A sign on top strongly discouraged dropping money into the machine since it is not functional. Wonder how many people ignore it.

Christmas Shoes

Some of the shoe ornaments Kathy had hanging on her Christmas tree. What is it with ladies and their shoes? :-)

Chinese Aligator

A Chinese alligator at the Cincinnati Zoo. It really blended in well with the surroundings and moved very little as we stared at it.


Just a nice arrangement of cookies.

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