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Taking Baby Steps Towards RSS

I ran across something called R|Mail today and it seems like a web service I should be making fun of. Instead it’s one that could be very valuable.

This site is pretty simple, allowing you to sign up for email alerts whenever a site in which you’re interested generates an RSS feed.

So, why would I use this when I have a really good RSS aggregator?

Well, I wouldn’t.

But I know an awful lot of people who still don’t have a clear idea of what RSS is and how they would use it and why they would want to use it.

However, they do understand email alerts and newsletters.

You could think of R|Mail as training wheels for Web 2.0.

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  1. Carolyn Foote

    In my opinion RSS is one of those incredibly useful tools that suffers from having an obscure and geeky “name” that prevents it from being an easily accessible idea.

    So if this tool makes it more accessible to the average person, I’m all for it!

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