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Taking Inventory

According to this particular learning styles inventory

Your primary learning style is: The Visual/Nonverbal Learning Style

You learn best when information is presented visually and in a picture or design format. In a classroom setting, you benefit from instructors who use visual aids such as film, video, maps and charts. You benefit from information obtained from the pictures and diagrams in textbooks. You tend to like to work in a quiet room and may not like to work in study groups. When trying to remember something, you can often visualize a picture of it in your mind. You may have an artistic side that enjoys activities having to do with visual art and design.

I’m not sure how valid this test is, but, considering it was designed for college students, I’d say the results are pretty accurate.

At least for this particular time in my life. I’ve taken a variety of these and similar assessments over the years and always seem to wind up a different place each time.

Does that mean I’m growing, adapting, or just plain fickle? :-)

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  1. Chris Lehmann

    Just fickle. :)

  2. Tim


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