My session on blogs and wikis at day one of the ITRT Summer Camp went pretty well despite connection and other tech problems.

Actually, the first difficulty was no connections. No wireless in the school and a network that prevented using any outside laptops (Mac or PC).

That meant I had to convert my Keynote file to PowerPoint and substitute the nice fonts I used with bland generic text so I could put it on one of their computers.

Then there was the data projector. The one mounted in the ceiling of first room had static in the picture. In the second room, the picture was steady but had a big yellowish dot in the middle.

Continuing with the general connection problems, I gave up on trying to show off some live examples due to slow traffic and the fact that some of my examples were still blocked.

The filtering issues were mostly my fault, however. I added some examples last night and never got the chance to give the addresses to the school tech people to be unblocked.

And, finally, I couldn’t show the session reference page since I forgot to include my own site on the list to be unblocked. Who knew the school was filtering anything that even smelled like a blog?

After all that, it was still a good session. The people who attended were terrific, offering good ideas and great questions. It’s people that make a successful session, not the technology.

Call that the dress rehearsal. I get to try the performance again, twice, tomorrow. :-)

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