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Tell Me Again Why PCs Are Better?

We have a very nasty virus plaguing our schools system right now to the point that we haven’t had Internet access for the past day and a half. All the tech support people have been pulled from their other less important projects (like getting schools ready to open) to clean computers and apply patches, plus they have to work this weekend. But nobody needs to do a thing to the Mac G4 on my desk or the PowerBook I’m using right now. So, I wonder if our all-wise Chief Information Officer has a few minutes to tell me again why PCs are better than Macs?

This is the second major everybody-works-overtime virus that has hit our district – not to mention the countless warnings – in the almost two years since our IT department (that’s Information certainly not Instructional) declared we could only purchase PCs. They gave the superintendent all sorts of reasons for the edict from the "easier to repair" to the "total cost of ownership", none of which holds water (some major evidence here). But the two most important reasons went unstated. First, we were trained by the big Monopoly so we have no clue about Macs. And second, we want more positions in the department (which is now larger than the Department of Instruction). Have fun today rooting out that nasty virus. I’ll be getting real work done.


  1. Jon

    Well, first off, I can tell you that the reason that PCs get all the viruses is that the virus programmer is getting more results for their labor. If you want attention, wouldn’t you attack the side with the most systems? Very few viruses even exist to attack Macs simply because there arent enough of them to take down.

    Secondly, the PC platform runs 100% of all software out there. Even if it isn’t the fastest, most stable, etc., it is still the compatability king. Look for any program for the Mac, and you’ll find at least 10 PC versions of the same type, all released months earlier.

    For this reason, people use PCs. If software companies decide to release good software in numbers for the Mac within a week of when the PC version comes out, people might consider switching. but until then, the PC is the only choice for general use.

  2. s

    PCs suck. If you want viruses keep using them.

  3. Bill G

    PCs suck. They go like half a mile an hour. They crash 20 times a day. They get 2 billion viruses.

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