The Washington Post has a very disturbing article about how Bush’s Department of Testing (some call it education) wants to reform education with yet another test. This paragraph sums it up: "College graduates generally become teachers by taking additional courses at an education school, where they receive enough credit for teacher certification. The reformers, saying that process is time-consuming and discourages the brightest graduates from becoming teachers, have proposed to grant certification to anyone who passes a comprehensive exam, the "Passport to Teaching". "

Becoming a teacher is "time-consuming"?? Considering how important the job is, it should take some time to become a good teacher. Passing a test, no matter how "comprehensive", is no better proof of teaching skill than it is proof that a student understands the concepts of Algebra.

Becoming a good teacher doesn’t happen in an "education school" either. It happens in the classroom. Instead of the current system, beginning teachers need a good intern program like those for doctors (very often for lawyers and even accountants), where they work with a master teacher during their first three years in the profession. That, of course, requires more money than inflicting a test.