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The All-Purpose Law

"Listen, the No Child Left Behind Act is really a jobs act when you think about it." — W at the third debate

Thanks for letting us know. But if you listened to W last night, it seems as if NCLB will solve a multitude of domestic problems. What would you say to someone whose job has been outsourced? NCLB! How about increasing the minimum wage? NCLB! We have millions of children without health care. NCLB!

I’m just glad W thinks this law is good for something since, as education policy, it’s crap.


  1. pjid

    would you say to someone whose job has been outsourced? He has said it already – that he increased job training funding by 12% to $23 billion. Increased Trade Adjustment Assistance by 150%.

  2. Tim

    The Trade Adjustment Assistance Act applies to farmers and businesses and has little to do with individual job training, which seemed to be the point of W’s answer. The act is a five year program that started in 2002 and has not been amended since. So, I’m not sure where the 150% comes from unless the original law includes annual increases. Kerry voted for the law, incidently.

    As best I can find, the $23 billion includes Pell grants, high school vocational programs, and all federal funding for college education, including loan guarantees. According to W’s own site, federal job training programs in the FY 2005 budget amount to around $4 billion. I couldn’t figure if that was an increase.

    All of this still doesn’t hide the fact that in the first half of his answer, he talks about NCLB as if it were a solution for unemployment due to outsourcing.

  3. Ripper

    Do you understand how many million students are attending classes in India and China right now? If our students continue to be better employees on average, we will maintain the high pay we desire. If our schools fail the wage gap cannot be maintained.

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