The Big Monopoly is loosing on the world something called Windows Live. It seems the company is now acknowledging that there may be something to all those rumors about web-based services.

As best I can figure they’re creating yet another web portal by repackaging MSN, Hotmail and other mediocre stuff they’ve been trying to make work for years. They may also toss in a web-based version of their Office package.

However, the people running the BM still don’t seem to understand what’s going on.

"It’s a new way to look at software," Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said at a demonstration for analysts and media in San Francisco. "The whole space is being transformed."

No. It should be a whole new way to look at services delivered on demand, anywhere the user wants, over many different devices, using open standards. It should be about people deciding for themselves how they use the web, not some corporation.

So, how exactly does all that fit into the business model of a monopoly that thrives on controlling every aspect of the computing experience?

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