The Blog Which Must Not Be Named

Our overly-large school district is making the transition to a new internet censorship filtering product and it was turned on system wide today.

Bloglines is one of the sites now being blocked in those schools along with this particular den of iniquity.

Yes, we certainly must protect the kids from all the crap to be found in this little corner of the internets. :-)

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  1. Ed_Thoughts

    So what do you do in a situation like that? I am not aware of your position or district policies, but are you planning on asking for that particular filter to be removed?

  2. Rachel Boyd

    ARGGG! I can only begin to imagine your frustration!!

    Attempting to protect is certainly getting to be in the way of learning and progress! … and only day one of your new system you mention!

    The turning point will be how able/willing and fast your “system” is to allow and unblock sites.

    Every time I read one of these posts I realise again how lucky I am in my particular school in NZ (not all are like us – some have just as strict filtering).

    Cheers, Rachel, NZ

  3. Tim

    At this point I’m going to wait until more people get back in the schools and start to discover the many blocked sites in their bookmark lists. The power of crowds calling to complain can be very powerful. :-)

    For the long run, we’ll continue to talk to our leadership about how blogs, wikis, podcasts and more web 2.0 tools can be used for instruction. We’ve made slow but steady progress over the past couple of years and this is probably just a small and correctable set back.

    But it doesn’t mean this isn’t frustrating!

  4. Brian B.

    Sounds to me like the “Net Nazi” is alive and well in your district Tim. Too bad they cannot figure out exactly what CIPA tells them: adopt and enforce a policy addressing minors access to the Internet including electronic mail, chat rooms, and other forms of direct electronic communication.

    Now does that say block access to them? Not to me it doesn’t.

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