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The Challenge of Too Much Technology

Stephen Downes links to a post by a Canadian blogger whose picture was used by a newspaper to illustrate a story unrelated to the one for which it was originally taken.

The first story, about a year ago, was a “puff piece on blogging”, while the new one is about how laptops are a distraction in college classes.

However, beyond the humor in the editors using him as the generic “poster boy of high-tech attention deficit”, this quote from a professor and the blogger’s comment caught my eye.

“You’d walk by other classes and see everybody playing solitaire,” complains one professor. If “everybody” in your class is playing solitaire during class you have bigger educational challenges than a surplus of technology.

I’d say that’s about right.

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  1. Andrew Pass

    Amen. During my second or third year of teaching, an older mentor of mine said that as teachers we should not need to punish our students for getting to class late. We should motivate them to want to get there on time. I know that this is far simpler said than done, but if we don’t have the ability to excite and involve our students in the learning process, we should figure out how to get the ability. (Unfortunately, college professors often lack basic teaching skills.)

    Andrew Pass

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