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The Decline of Chicken Scratch

A new survey in England details the decline in handwritten communications. In case you’ve forgotten, that’s where someone picks up a pen and writes on an actual physical piece of paper which is then sent to someone else.

The researchers found that half of all communications was by email, 29% by instant messaging and only 13% used pen and paper. Of course, the rate of electronic communications was higher for younger people.

It’s interesting that the survey itself was not done on paper. Participants were asked to keep an electronic diary that was updated every half hour.

So, is there something in this survey to be worried about? Probably not. Just another detail of how life is changing.

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  1. NYC Educator

    As someone with terrible handwriting, a constant source of ridicule from my ever-astute students, I can’t mourn that at all. Frankly, I eagerly await the day I’ll be able to type notes onto an electronic blackboard.

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