I find all the crap going on in Kansas extremely depressing. The news coverage calls it a "debate" but it’s not. A real debate is supposed to be a discussion between two sides, both with well-supported points of view.

In this case we have on one side 150 years of scientific evidence and peer review. On the other side we have the mystical concept that if we don’t understand something it must be due to an "intelligent" force.

The reason this crap has progress as far as it has is the ignorance of the general public when it comes to science and the methods of scientific research. For proof just look at all the people who accept the claims of infomercials to have "scientific proof" that their diet pill/skin cream/exercise equipment work miracles. I bet educated people in other countries are laughing their asses off over this latest example of US attempting to dumb down our children, as well as ourselves.

So, the question must be asked…

"Are we ignoramuses?" Harris [co-founder of Intelligent Design Network Inc.] asked the committee members. "Well, you’ll have to decide."

No, you’re con men trying to sell your religion of ignorant design to as many suckers as you can find. Unfortunately, there seems to be a very large supply.