I’m getting nostalgic for a time in the past when a major part of the Republican agenda was to keep government out of the private lives of citizens. That concept has certainly been flushed down the toilet by the FCC which is attempting to censor everything Michael Powell doesn’t like on the so-called public airways.

But anyone who thinks broadcast TV and radio is as far as the federal babysitting of American morals will go hasn’t been paying attention. It won’t take long for the Commission to try extending the Communications part of their name into the censorship of cable, satellite and the internet.

Some critics say the FCC has a death wish. By cleaning up network TV, they’ll only send viewers to cable. "As more people (move) away from broadcast television, the FCC loses control," said Richard Hanley, graduate program director at Quinnipiac University’s school of communications. "If anything, the FCC is acting to kill broadcast television, and in the process kill any chance it has of regulating content. It’s committing, in effect, suicide."

But the FCC bureaucracy may try to survive by expanding its jurisdiction to encompass the alternatives — cable TV, satellite TV and radio, maybe even the internet. Earlier this year, a Senate committee barely rejected a plan by Louisiana Sen. John Breaux, a Democrat, to allow the FCC to oversee some cable programming.

There is much more going on with the FCC’s campaign to "clean up" the airways that isn’t making it through the crap that passes for news these days. A good way to keep up on this issue is to read Jeff Jarvis’ regular rants on The Buzz Machine. Pay attention before every communications channel is being programmed by right wingnuts who believe their moral standards should be the same for everyone. How democratic of them.