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The Grass Is Not Always Greener

Whenever I start thinking that the people in charge of our state (sorry, "commonwealth") of Virginia are screwed up, I just have to visit An Old Soul to remember that it could be worse. We could have Ahnold for governator. Evidently he’s convinced himself that he can push everyone around as he did the characters in his movies.

Actually, our governor Mark Warner (not to be confused with our dim-bulb Senator, John Warner) is pretty good. He’s been very supportive of public education and seems seriously interested in reforming the educational system. Part of that effort is as chair of the National Governors Association where he’s been pushing the other governors to take a good look at how high school education needs to change.*

Of course, Warner won’t be re-elected. Virginia has an idiotic provision in the constitution where the governor cannot serve consecutive terms and the legislature refuses to put an amendment change it up for a vote. I told you, too many of the people in charge around here are screwed up.

* Just for the record, Governator Ahnold didn’t attend the recent NGA Summit on High Schools.


  1. Joe Thomas

    You are so right about how things could be worse with an actor as governor. You’d think California wouldn’t have to be burned twice on that one :)

    We’ve got Janet Napolitano in Arizona, the first female governor to succeed another female governor (Hull) in American history. It’s hard to think of Arizona as a progressive state when we are trying to put guns in schools and bars, institute a TABOR law, and will assuredly have an anti-gay marriage proposal on the 2006 ticket to try and drive the conservative vote. Still, we’ve had three governors since the late 80’s (Mofford was first).

    Regardless, Napolitano is the only thing standing between us and having the conservative agenda force fed to us now. Even with the big groundswell of “opposition party” activity out here last November, we ended up electing an even MORE conservative state legislature.

    Napolitano is active in the NGA and one other Governor’s association (name escapes me right now), but we are hoping she doesn’t shine too brightly on the national radar. We need her here for another term!

    Tim, at least your commonwealth is taking a stand against NCLB. Our guys are running around with their heads cut off on the issue. The Dems want to see it fully funded (NO!), the ultra-conervatives want to see it gone due to local control issues (easy, Brink!), and the only time any of them got together to send one of those worthless “letters to Conress” Bush sent a few political leg-breakers into town and the movement was over before sundown.

  2. shari

    Talk about a real life nightmare. And this whole thing has cut down on my blogging time and my personal life since I’ve chosen to get involved.

    Definitely not greener here.

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