I treated myself to a late afternoon matinee yesterday and saw The Incredibles. All the adjectives used in the reviews apply perfectly. If you haven’t seen this picture, imagine the best parts from any classic spy/scifi/super hero movie you can think of mixed with a slightly warped dose of any number of doofus-father/know-it-all-mother TV sitcoms. Way too much fun for just kids (and a little too dark for the young ones).

While almost every review has raved about The Incredibles, at least one writer complained about this movie falling into the "Pixar formula". That "formula" involves taking a unique story and outstanding writing, combining it with brilliant animation and absolutely perfect voice casting and performances. They top it off with an exquisite attention to detail – including the outstanding score played over the final credits. It would be nice if more producers would try a similar formula (animation optional).

There were two little negatives to the show, neither of which have anything to do with the movie itself. One was the trailer for Pixar’s next feature Cars which left me rather flat. Considering their track record, I’m willing to give the producers the benefit of the doubt until the film opens next November. George Lucas gets no such pass, however. The trailer for the next episode of Star Wars looks awful and I expect the final product to reflect that.