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The iPod as Trojan Horse

Tim Wilson is trying to trick administrators in his school district into actually using technology to do their jobs better. What a concept!

In this case, he’s having principals record their interviews with teacher candidates using iPods and then distributing them to other principals through a podcast feed.

Sometimes clandestine methods are the only way to get people to consider new ways of doing business. Or teaching for that matter.

I wonder if Tim can get them to make a connection between this application and students recording and distributing podcasts (maybe interviews with community leaders?) as part of their regular learning process.

That could be the harder leap. While we have a few teachers in a few schools who are trying podcasting, it really hasn’t gotten very far in our district.

Mostly that’s because our administrator are (a) scared silly of anything produced by kids being published to the real world and (b) scared silly of kids and teachers filling up the web server and clogging the network with media files.

I’m afraid it’s going to take a lot of cloak and dagger to overcome those attitudes.

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  1. Tim Wilson

    Hey Tim. I’ve been pretty open with the principals about my true aim which is to get them thinking about digital media in a new way. I’m going to ask them to share their favorite, non-interview podcasts at the principals’ meetings later this week. I’m curious to hear what they’ve found.

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