Conferences don’t offer much opportunity to keep up with the real world (and the wireless access at this one stinks!) but I couldn’t let this piece from yesterday’s Post pass. It’s about the crap being passed around by the "intelligent" design folks as the "scientific" alternative to real science. This part of the article says it all.

Although the new strategy speaks of "teaching the controversy" over evolution, opponents insist the controversy is not scientific, but political. They paint the approach as a disarming subterfuge designed to undermine solid evidence that all living things share a common ancestry.

"The movement is a veneer over a certain theological message. Every one of these groups is now actively engaged in trying to undercut sound science education by criticizing evolution," said Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. "It is all based on their religious ideology. Even the people who don’t specifically mention religion are hard-pressed with a straight face to say who the intelligent designer is if it’s not God."

"Hard-pressed" is an understatement. It’s impossible NOT to bring religion into the argument!