The Last Vestiges of Analog TV

The Post this morning is asking subscribers to choose whether or not they want to continue receiving the weekly television magazine.

It’s an opt-in deal where, if we don’t call or return a coupon by snail mail, the section disappears from the Sunday ads package at the end of the month.

Since this particular part of the Sunday paper usually winds up in Tuesday’s recycling bin, I won’t be replying.

However, the fact that there’s no online preference option says a great deal about the Post and how little it understands about their disappearing audience.

Because, let’s face it. TV listings, like stock market charts, sport scores, and other commodity information, should have been dropped from analog news delivery systems years ago.

3 Comments The Last Vestiges of Analog TV

  1. Janet Pfaff

    You’re assuming a lot. In my immediate family 3/4 of us subscribe to the lowest cable service availible (and the newspaper). We cannot get TV listings on the TV.

  2. Tim

    Janet: I don’t use the listings provided by my cable company any more than I use the paper version from the Post. Both have a lousy interface and are incredibly hard to search.

    Instead there are several good web sites to do the job and I’ve started using a free iPhone app called What’s On TV? that works pretty well. Plus online buzz and Hulu tops them all.


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