The Legacy of Steve Jobs

This is exactly it.

One of the best things about Steve Jobs’ return to Apple – which will live on and benefit society long after Jobs’ death – is how he basically spent the last 14 years teaching thousands of Apple employees to have incredibly high standards and to build amazing products.

Perhaps more importantly, through Apple’s products, Steve also taught hundreds of millions of consumers to expect and demand amazing things.

For now, many of those Apple colleagues – especially the ones who worked most closely with Steve – still work there. But over time, more will leave to start their own companies or launch new projects. And some of those companies will make some really cool things completely outside the consumer electronics industry, reflecting both the work of their founders and also a little bit of Steve Jobs.

When do we apply Jobs kind of thinking, which has nothing remotely to do with scores on standardized tests, to public education? When do millions of consumers (aka students) begin demanding amazing things?

Soon, I hope.

And, by the way, that thermostat is very cool!

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